48H Open House Barcelona

48H Open House Barcelona is a weekend event when you can get to see inside some of the city's most interesting buildings like Casa Planells which is just round the corner. I've walked past this building countless times and always wondered what it was like inside. Created by the Catalan architect Josep Maria Jujol, it's amazing what he managed to do in such a small space. For many years, the apartment we visited was a brothel. Now it's an architects' studio.

The other highlight of the day was the Teatre Principal at the bottom of the Ramblas which has many Lorca connections and features in the Lorca musical. The building is about to be re-opened as a multi-purpose venue (= nightclub). But the real discovery was the enormous Basque pelota court built on top of the theatre. Take a look ...

Above the Teatre Principal

Casa Planells