Robert Campbell

I'm an author and singer-songwriter based in Barcelona, Spain. Over the past few years I've written several ELT readers including Owl Hall (Macmillan) and The Green Room (Helbling) which won a Language Learner Literature Award in 2013. I'm one of the co-authors of Beyond, the new international secondary course from Macmillan Education.

Apart from the ELT work, I've written the music/songs for more than 12 London stage plays and musicals including The Children's Crusade and By Common Consent for the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, and Edward Bond's Stone at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

I wrote the songs for Dean, a musical biography of James Dean that ran in London's West End and in Japan, where The Takarazuka Revuew produced the musical over several seasons. I've also worked in radio and television, and recorded a solo album for Decca Records.

In 1990 I started my own company, iT's Magazines. We published magazines and books for English language students and teachers around the world. The company also designed and developed online, video and audio projects for major ELT publishers. In 2013 I decided to take a break from the company and dedicate my time to writing and music.

My father was a Latin professor and my mother a German teacher so it wasn't a huge surprise that I became a language teacher. Apart from languages, my parents loved music and encouraged my interest in theatre for which I'm grateful. I have my brother to thank for my interest in magazines. He started a school magazine and I quickly followed his example.

Three cities have played an important part in my life — Edinburgh, where I grew up; London, where I started my music career; and Barcelona, where I started teaching and writing materials for teachers. Barcelona is also where I got married to Carlos and the place I currently call home.