Is this what it’s like to love somebody?
I never knew it could be so easy
All this time I’ve been looking for
Someone to love me
When it should have been the other way round
Now finally I’ve found
Someone to love

We’re not gonna be
Lonely anymore
I’ve never felt so needed before
All this time I’ve been
Pushing people away
I thought I could do it alone
But I should’ve known
Everyone needs
Someone to love

Someone who won’t run away when you scare them
Someone who knows your dreams and wants to share them
Someone you can trust and let them read your mind
I thought someone like that would be impossible to find
Until I found
Someone to love


someone to love

words & music by Robert Campbell
photo from Rebel Without a Cause

This song is based on dialogue from the mansion house scene from Rebel Without a Cause. When Jim Stark (James Dean) and Judy (Natalie Wood) are alone together in the abandoned mansion they start talking about love. In the song, Judy sings the first verse and Jim the second verse. They then sing the final part together.

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