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An amazing thing happened ...

An amazing thing happened this week. Suddenly everyone was going back to the cinema. There were queues at box offices around the country and 'House Full' signs were going up. Box office staff and members of the public wrote to newspapers saying that cinema wasn't dead - it's just too expensive. (Why is there still a 21% tax on cinema tickets? Does the Spanish government really want to kill off cinema?)
For three days this week, cinemas around the country reduced their prices to €2.95 to encourage people to go to the cinema and it worked. Not only was it exciting to go to a packed cinema, some of the films on offer were exciting too. Captain Phillips was terrific. It didn't matter how much of the story you knew already, watching the Somali pirates take on the container ship was breathtaking. And I'm warming to Tom Hanks. He gives a great performance. A lot of critics don't seem to like the first dry-land part of the film but I thought it was right to start off on solid ground before setting off to sea. Gravity was the other film that sent me out of the cinema feeling dazed. There was definitely no solid ground here. OK - so the script has some weak parts especially at the beginning. But it's such an amazing ride (which has to be experienced in 3D). And I'm warming to Sandra Bullock too. We hoped to make it an edge-of-your-seat trilogy and see Rush but it was sold out. I can't remember the last time I watched a film in a full cinema.