Dark water
Like blood red wine
I'm adrift on the ocean
Where the stars don't shine

Dark water
I feel so lonely inside
I'm so scared of dying
In a place that's so deep and so wide

Dark water
It's my greatest fear
Won't anybody stop me from drowning
And pull me out of here?

Dark water
I'm at the scene of a crime
Looking through the eyes of the victim
In the wrong place at the wrong time

Dark water
I can see tomorrow's headlines
'Gay Actor Murdered' - a neighbour said
Must've been a hustler or a junky
PS Your cat is dead

Dark water
My greatest fear
Is there'll be no-one to stop the bleeding
In time to get me out of here

Dark water
What's the point of being afraid?
If it's going to happen - let it happen
We can't rewrite the endings
Of the parts we've played

Dark water
You know what really scares me?
It's not speed or motor racing
It's the dream that we're all chasing

Dar water
My greatest fear
Is that one day someone will see straight through me
And I'll disappear

Dark water
Dark water
Dark water
Dark water


dark water

words & music by Robert Campbell
photo by Robert Campbell

This is one of the 'songs for rebels without a cause'. The actress Natalie Wood was terrified of dark water and believed that she would die by drowning. On Thanksgiving weekend in 1981 she drowned off Catalina Island at the age of forty three. Sal Mineo was stabbed to death by a robber in the carport behind his apartment building in 1976. James Dean died behind the wheel of his Porsche in September 1955. In this song the three actors take turns to sing about their greatest fears.

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